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Committed to the design, manufacture, installation and integration of large, medium and small amusement equipment, and possessing A, B and C amusement equipment manufacturing, installation, renovation and maintenance qualifications.

Shandong Wanlong Amusement Equipment Technology Co., Ltd is located in Zibo, the capital city of Qi, which has a long history and culture. It is nearby the beautiful Mata Lake, enjoys the fairy views. The parent company was established in 2006, mainly in the carbon steel rack project, stainless steel project, pipe truss engineering, membrane engineering and steel structure’s manufacture and construction area. With 13 years development, the corporation enterprise are all over the country.

In February 2017, the enterprise invested and established Shandong Wanlong Amusement Equipment Technology Co., Ltd, mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacture, installation and maintenance of the large scale amusement equipments. The company has got the A Class Manufacture license, and brought together the top professional and technical talents in amusement industry, focusing on manufacturing the large scale amusement rides, such as wonder wheel, coaster, overhead railway, space-gyro, fly tower, and merry go-around type of rides.

Under the instruction of the National TSGZ0004-2007 Special Equipment Quality Assurance System, Shandong Wanlong establishes and improves our own quality management program to ensure the stability of the quality level and expand the scale of new production with the support of our solid technical support. We not only manufacture standard amusement equipment, but also provide personalized equipment design and manufacturing to meet customers’ diversified demands. We are committed to create the first class brand with the first class product and service, and to create a colorful jolly world for customers domestic and abroad.


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