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How to select the carousel ride for your parks?

How to select the carousel ride for your parks?

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The appearance, light effect and music is very important for choosing a carousel ride . Choose the right amusement ride may help you to attract more passengers for your playground attractions.

The luxury carousel is a kind of vertical axis single-turn undulating amusement machine which belongs to the merry go-around ride. The upper part of the amusement equipment is equipped with a colored ceiling. The colorful stencil decorative board is installed around the ceiling, which is extraordinarily luxurious

After the horse is started, the turntable rotates at a constant speed. The horses of different shapes will rise and fall. It is mainly suitable for crownded places such as playgrounds and living squares. Ferris wheel manufacturers reminded that the following points should be noted when choosing a carousel ride:

1. First of all, the horse is a non-irritating amusement project. It mainly relies on luxurious appearance, beautiful light effect and music to attract people. Therefore, the overall shape of the horse is very important. No matter how interesting a product is, if the design can't attract people in the first time, it will be difficult to bring customers. On the contrary, if the product can attract customers in the first time, he may become your frequent visitor. The styling is very important. It is necessary to let the customers have more opportunities to visit after the first time. This requires a variety of styling, each of which has its own meaning.

2. Is the electrical component qualified? If the indicators of the electrical components are unqualified, problems will occur which may cause passengers lost. The warranty period of the regular manufacturer is half a year, and the warranty period of the accessory determines the manufacturer's warranty period. If the manufacturer's warranty period is higher than the warranty period of the accessory, this must be a false promise, because there is no  manufacturer will exchange free of charge outside the warranty period of the accessory.

3. The overall quality of the horse. In order to attract customers for a long time, customers must be convinced of the products, so quality assurance is very important. If there are quality problems in the transfer, it will definitely affect the customers.