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Is ferris wheel plus shopping mall a good idea---learnt from Osaka's ferris wheel (Ⅰ)

Is ferris wheel plus shopping mall a good idea---learnt from Osaka's ferris wheel (Ⅰ)

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Is ferris wheel plus shopping mall a good idea? Shandong Wanlong will show you the topics learning from Osaka's ferris wheel

In many of Osaka’s commercial buildings and facilities, the ferris wheel is the most impressive. First of all, Osaka has more ferris wheel than other cities. Most of them have their own characteristics. In addition, the ferris wheel is Osaka is not only used as an amusement equipment or a city view, but also used as a commercial project. To discover their own unique story and contents from the business perspective, the ferris wheels makes the Osaka’s business atmosphere become inventive.


The property of Osaka Ferris wheel : City’s Business Card

When you arrive in Osaka, the first thing you will see is the Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel, which is located near to the Kansai International Airport. With the height of 112.5 meters, it used to be the highest ferris wheel in Japan, and was viewed as sightseeing landmarks of Osaka for tourists. The Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel continues the attributes of the modern ferris wheel, acts as the Osaka’s business card and the sightseeing landmark.

The Property of Osaka Ferris wheel : Commercial Entertainment Attributes

Replacing the Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel, the highest ferris wheel in Japan now is Osaka Wheel, which was operated in Wanbo Memorial Park in Suita from July 2016.

With a height of 123 meters, the Osaka wheel has 72 response control structure gondolas decorated with transparent glass bottom, air conditioner and TV. It is recognized as the highest and the most luxurious ferris wheel in Japan.

Compared with Tempozan Giant Ferris wheel, Osaka Wheel’s stronger identity is an important part of Lalaport Expocity, which is Japan’s largest complex commercial facility and the largest comprehensive amusement shopping mall. The Lalaport Expocity is located in Suita, covers an area of 172,000 square meters and consists of a shopping mall and eight entertainment themes, such as Nifrel Aquarium, Anipo Zoo,VS park and so on. The whole center is composed of the theme of “Playing”, “Education” and “Shopping”, and represents the latest business concept of Japan.

Osaka Wheel is defined as the theme of the entertainment format. In the entire business ecosystem, it becomes the accelerator for the entire comprehensive business, which not only highlights the project’s entertainment theme, but also attracts tourists from domestic and abroad, improves Lalaport Expocity’s emissive power and influence. This is an expansion of the ferris wheel’s urban attributes. It shows that the suburb micro-resort business can use the ferris wheel’s sightseeing and entertainment property to be the edge tool of attracting passengers.


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