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How to attract more passengers for theme parks?

How to attract more passengers for theme parks?

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How to attract more customers and let the customers come back and back again is the theme parks operators' top concern.

With the development of the economic, the theme park industry in 2018 has got a large increasing compared with the year of 2017. The Tokyo Disney Report shows that attendance at themed attractions at the major operators has exceeded half a billion visits for the first time in history

In China, the numbers of the city-level theme parks till 2018 has reached around 128, and till 2025, there will be 70 new city-level theme parks.

Under such rigorous, how to attract more customers and let the customers come back and back again is the theme parks operators’ top concern. Shandong Wanlong Amusement Equipment Technology Co., Ltd would like to give you some suggestions:

1.Innovation. Innovation is not only the most important factor in Amusement Industry, but also the same situation in all industry. If most of the theme parks have the similar and even the same amusement rides, the passenger may just visit one of them. It will be difficult for you to compare with several theme parks. But if you have the unique interesting amusement rides, for sure the customers will choose you.

2.Create your own IP. A theme park with its own style and culture is just like a cool palace. The customers may visit you once time, but how to attract them to come back again and again? Shandong Wanlong Amusement think that operating a theme park is just like to be friends with your customer.How to be friends with customer? With your own IP location, it will help your customer to generate feeling with you, and they won’t forget their friends. They will come back.

3.Keep Safety as the first topic. One safety accident may lead all your effort to zero. There are three main factors to help you to grasp this topic. First, the amusement rides must be chosen from the qualified manufacturer. This is the basic terms. A qualified ride at least can reduce the occurrence of the failure. Second, keep maintenance of the amusement equipment according to the Maintenance Booklet we send to you with the equipment. Third, the training of the operator of the amusement equipment is also very important. They must know how to operate the equipment and how to deal with the emergency.

For more information of the theme park and the amusement rides, feel free to contact Shandong Wanlong Amusement. We would like to try our best to support you.