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Amusement rides riding instructions

Amusement rides riding instructions

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Riding instructions for pendulum rides for outdoor playground rides from Shandong Wanlong

Big Pendulum rides is a new and popular amusement equipment in the world. The operation of the pendulum can make the tourists on it thrilling, so you must pay attention to safety when riding the pendulum. Next, Wanlong Amusement will summarize the safety precautions of the pendulum for you. Please read it carefully.

The safety precautions of big Frisbee ride are summarized as follows:

1. Before riding on a large amusement facility such as a sledgehammer, be sure to check the "safety inspection qualified" sign printed . Only rides with "pass safety inspection" signs are safe to ride.

2. If you plan to take the pendulum, please read the "notes to passengers" and the relevant "warning signs" carefully before taking rides. "Ride instructions" will inform you of some very important points to note when taking a ride, and also point out who is not fit for the ride. Children under 14 years of age should not ride roller coasters, corsair, space shuttle, brave and other exciting rides.

3. During the operation of the pendulum, never extend any part of the body such as hands, arms and feet out of the seat, let alone unfasten the safety belt and open the safety bar without permission.

4. Follow the command of the staff, according to the order up and down, sit firmly, do not enter the isolation zone without authorization.

5. In case of any accident in the operation of the pendulum, do not panic or move in disorder, but wait for the rescue of the staff in the original position, and do not unfasten the safety belt or open the safety pressure bar without authorization. Please remove the safety belt and lift the safety bar with the instruction, guidance or help of the staff when the amusement facilities stop at the station.

Warning: please do not smoke, carry or eat any food or drink when riding the pendulum. DO NOT RIDE ON ANY OUTDOOR RIDES WHEN BAD WEATHER

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