Ferris wheel's structural style

As the outdoor large-scale Ferris wheel becomes more and more popular, its safety has also attracted much more attention. TO improve the safety factor of the Ferris wheel and understand its structural characteristics becomes an important tips for the amusement park rides manufacturer and  theme park operators.

The Ferris wheel is generally composed of three parts: the roulette structure, the drive system and the support structure. At the same time, these three parts also have their own characteristics. Taking the roulette structure as an example, it mainly has the form of rigidity, flexibility and rigid-flexible combination. The rigid structural form mainly refers to the structure construction of the roulette using the truss structure system, which makes the roulette more convenient during construction, and most of the structure of the full truss is adopted in the construction of the early Ferris wheel; The flexible structure form refers to the main use of the steel cable system of the wheel, which is also the development and application trend of the high-strength cable. The wheel of the Ferris wheel gradually adopts the steel cable system, thereby further avoiding the complicated feeling of a large number of levers. The structure is made lighter in appearance; the rigid-flexible combination means that the turntable structure is mainly cable, and then a certain number of trusses are combined to add rigid material.

With the development of the Ferris wheel structure technology, it has gradually adopted a steel cable system and a system in which the cable and the truss are intended to be combined. In addition to this, in the drive system, the hydraulic drive is also gradually used from the previous electric drive. The development of these structural forms has further improved the safety factor of the Ferris wheel and reduced operating costs.

In recent years, the large-scale entertainment industry has developed rapidly, and the requirements for the performance of outdoor large-scale Ferris wheels are getting higher and higher. The Ferris wheel industry is moving toward a larger diameter and a higher height. At the same time, the requirements for the construction technology of the Ferris wheel are getting higher and higher, and the research on the structure and engineering of the Ferris wheel is of great significance.

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