Ferris wheel is not only the amusement ride, but also can be city's landmark

Since the birth of the outdoor large-scale Ferris wheel, it has achieved long-term development in the world for more than one hundred years. The reason is that the Ferris wheel is different from other general amusement facilities. The characteristics of the Ferris wheel are:

1. As a ride, the Ferris wheel has its unique amusement and sightseeing methods to accommodate visitors of different levels and ages. It has unmatched appeals from other amusement equipment, and the operating cost of the Ferris wheel is relatively low which brings obviously economic benefits.

2. In addition to the functions of the amusement facilities, the Ferris wheel also has far-reaching social benefits to be a symbol of the construction site.

3. The outdoor large-scale Ferris wheel brings huge economic benefits to the construction site, and also drives the discovery of other industries. With its huge passenger capacity, the Ferris wheel is the first equipment of all kinds of amusement facilities, and it has become a good way to divert tourist attractions, public distribution centers and plazas. It provides a huge service and business opportunity for the related service industries such as amusement, catering and shopping in the surrounding areas.