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Lightning protection for ferris wheel

Lightning protection for ferris wheel

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The lightning protection for large scale ferris wheel is neccesary. Wanlong Amusement rides will show you some introductions for the lightning protection for ferris wheel.

In recent years, more and more large outdoor ferris wheels have been set up, so lightning protection and grounding work becomes more and more important. Wanlong Amusement Rides will show you some introductions about the lightning protection specially for the large scale ferris wheel.


Generally, two lightning protection methods for large amusement equipments are adopted technically, external lightning protection and internal lightning protection.


External lightning protection is mainly to prevent direct lightning strike, the whole system is composed of lightning connector, lead wire and grounding device, so as to directly discharge the lightning current to the earth. There are three kinds of air termination, lightning strip, lightning rod and special lightning arrester which should be chosen according to the appearance and the structure of the amusement rides. The grounding device can be made of the foundation steel bars attached to the amusement equipment to form grounding net. If there is no ready-made one available, an independent lightning protection grounding net should be laid. Grounding grids should cover the entire reserve and should be closed. The grounding network can be connected with the grounding of the electrical low-voltage system and the communication system to form a joint grounding device.


Internal lightning protection is mainly to prevent the invasion of lightning wave and lightning electromagnetic pulse on the ferris wheel and its affiliated buildings of the electrical system, control system, weak current system (communication, monitoring, broadcasting) damage and interference, to ensure the safety of equipment, visitors and staff. Equipotential grounding and surge protection are the main technical measures.


The core of internal lightning protection in equipotential grounding is the most important technical measure. For this, had the metallic thing of the equipment, the metallic part of the building, the metallic conduit that enters a building, and the metallic protection conduit of cable to wait a moment, must be connected with ground of prevent thunder device to become an equipotential ground system. Under the condition of equipotential grounding, the grounding resistance of lightning protection grounding device does not need to consider specific numerical requirements, but the equipotential grounding system must be reliable and complete. Equipotential grounding can reduce the contact voltage when the human body is shocked, and it is also important to improve the level of electrical safety.


In terms of specific operation, there are also some regulations to remind everyone of amusement equipments owners, especially for users:


Technically, there is no absolute protection against lightning strikes. Ferris wheel must not be operated when high winds and thunderstorms.


The design and installation of the lightning protection system are subject to the laws and regulations of the respective countries. Users shall design and install the system according to the meteorological conditions, lightning strike frequency, surface conditions and the laws and regulations of the country where the amusement equipment is installed.


Amusement equipment manufacturers can only supply lightning arrester parts together with the equipment when customers require lightning protection and should follow the local meteorological and geographical conditions.