Precautions for maintaining the equipment

1. Obvious damage defects. For places where there are some obvious types of new breakages with obvious damage, special attention should be paid to updating them in time or repairing them in time.
2, rust. The safety performance of the new rusty amusement equipment will also be greatly reduced. It is easy to have dangerous phenomena. Therefore, it is also necessary to check whether there is rust.
3, smudges. For some new types of amusement equipment, there will be smudges on the top. These stained amusement equipments represent a lack of maintenance and maintenance, and are easily contaminated with bacteria and endanger our health. The amusement equipment is of bright color, realistic appearance and lovely eBay. It is loved by children and young friends. When your child is sitting in a realistic car, he sometimes makes a sharp turn, sometimes goes straight, and sometimes accelerates and decelerates as if to let the children It feels as if you are driving on your own.