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Safety standards for large scale amusement equipments

Safety standards for large scale amusement equipments

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Safety standards for large scale outdoor playground amusement equipments, theme park amusement rides safety instructions

Safety standards for large scale outdoor playground amusement equipments

Large scale outdoor playground amusement rides are stimulating, which attract passengers to come. Consumers love challenging, exciting rides while also paying close attention to safety.

What are the safety standards for them park amusement equipments? Wan long amusement will introduce some safety riding knowledge for you.

First of all, when the amusement rides is running, passengers may be moved, bumped, or thrown out or slid out of the contents of the ride, so the safety device is very important. For thrilling rides, two sets of independent restraints devices should be considered as necessary. May use the safety belt, safety pressure bar, limit swith, braking system and so on.

Safety fences should be set up in and out respectively, while guide fences should be set up at the entrance. The platform should have anti-skid measures. The safety gate shall be opened to the same direction as the passenger moving. To prevent injury to personnel's hands when closing the door, the gap between the door frame and the column should be appropriate, or take other protective measures.

The number of wire ropes or chains used for hoisting the passenger part shall not be less than two. The connection to the seat part must be considered to be balanced when one is disconnected.

Culvert which amusement equipment passes through should be covered with materials that are not easy to fall down, and decorations should be fixed firmly.

The number of passengers must be marked. Overload operation is strictly prohibited.

Every tourist must pay attention to the above safety standards when playing, so that they can enjoy themselves under the premise of safety. For more information about amusement rides, feel free to contact Shandong Wanlong Amusement Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd, China.