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Six Measures for the Maintenance of Amusement Equipment

Six Measures for the Maintenance of Amusement Equipment

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The use of large-scale amusement equipment is very common, and various kinds of amusement equipment can be seen in some kindergartens, amusement parks, parks and other places. Large amusement equipment manufacturers tell everyone that the maintenance and maintenance of large-scale amusement equipment during the use of amusement equipment is a problem that the amusement park management pays more attention to. In response to this problem, Xiao Bian shared six maintenance measures for amusement equipment for your reference!
1. The maintenance of large-scale amusement equipment should be carried out by a large-scale amusement equipment maintenance unit or a large-scale amusement equipment use unit that has corresponding qualifications.
Second, the maintenance of large-scale amusement equipment does not allow any form of subcontracting and subcontracting.
Third, large-scale amusement equipment safety management personnel and maintenance personnel should be in accordance with the relevant state regulations, the special equipment safety supervision and management department to pass the examination, obtain the national special operating personnel certificate before they can engage in the corresponding operation or management
Fourth, large-scale amusement equipment maintenance work requires that the site staff can not be less than two; work should implement the site safety protection measures.
5. The period of use of large-scale amusement equipment shall not exceed the period of use specified in the relevant national laws or design review reports. The large-scale amusement equipment that exceeds the required age limit needs to be updated, or the qualified unit should be reconstructed for the equipment, and the equipment can be put into use after being supervised and inspected.
Sixth, maintenance should be recorded and signed by related personnel.