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The construction knowledge for ferris wheel

The construction knowledge for ferris wheel

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ferris wheel's construction method for theme park construction

Ferris wheel is a large wheel-shaped mechanical building facilities, above the wheel edge is the gondolas for passengers. The passengers are slowly turner upward, can overlook the surrounding landscape. It normally exists in an amusement park(theme park) or a Park Fair.

As an amusement rides, ferris wheel, roller coaster and carousel is known as the “three treasures of paradise”. But now with the engineering development, ferris wheel is designed as an Observation deck for event and commercial activities.

The construction technology and method for ferris wheel should be specified according to the construction form and the outdoor conditions. The construction method can be summarized into 3 kinds.


1.    Ground Assembly, Integral hoisting

This method is more suitable for steel structure construction, and the installation precision is easily to be controlled. But for the large scale ferris wheel, it needs larger construction site and the stronger hoisting capacity.


2.    Center rotation mounting method

The central rotating installation method refers to the installation of a working platform on a tower after the supporting tower and the wheel axle are installed in palce, or install the wheel structure from the center to the periphery using the hoisting system. This is much suitable for medium or small ferris wheel project.


3.    Rotating installation of the façade

This method can avoid a great deal of aloft work and reduce the adventure, but it needs a large traction power system and a good braking system. The two-side rotating installation method needs special treatment for the wheel’s central axle.


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