The large amusement equipment riding instruction

Large amusement equipments and amusement parks are popular with children and youth. The large-scale amusement facilities at the amusement parks are also undergoing a net-type safety inspection.

Law enforcement officers especially reminded that parents should choose the amusement facilities according to their physical condition. Children under the age of low or those with heart disease, high blood pressure and high fear should not be thrilled and unprincipled. During the operation of the amusement facilities, do not dismantle the protection without authorization. Wait until the amusement equipment stops smoothly before leaving, and listen to the staff arrangement.

When playing large-scale amusement equipment, parents must pay attention to the tourists' notices. How many children can play, and how old children can't play. Adults must also pay attention to the information of tourists when playing large-scale amusement facilities to avoid causing some unoptimistic results.

In recent years, with the craze of large-scale amusement equipment, the tragedy caused by large-scale amusement equipment is also heating up, so everyone should pay more attention to safety issues. Don't take a moment of pleasure when you play, don't go to play if you feel uneasy in the fear, so that you won't be able to stand after playing for a while.

Shandong Wanlong Amusement Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. reminds everyone: Don't play large-scale amusement equipment continuously, you can play a little slow, then play the next one. The theme parks also need to arrange the amusement equipment properly, such as the large scale amusement equipment should be set up acrossing the medium size and the mini size.