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The maintenance safety plan for large ferris wheel

The maintenance safety plan for large ferris wheel

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the maintenance plan and the safety instruction for large ferris wheel operating

As a long-term running outdoor equipment, the quality of the large ferris wheel is vey important and also the safety assessment is very critical during its operating . It can analyze various problems existing in the outdoor large Ferris wheel, and formulate corresponding maintenance plans to solve the problem and provide safe operation for the equipment after maintenance. Based on the safety assessment report, an effective maintenance plan can be developed.

The maintenance plan should include at least the following factors:

(1) Analyze the operating conditions before disassembly and conduct safety assessment.

(2) Disassemble the equipment and mark it.

(3) Repair, inspection and replacement of parts.

(4) Inspection and replacement of electrical control system.

(5) Basic testing, bearing capacity test if necessary.

(6) Install the equipment after testing and repairing.

(7) Self-test after the equipment is installed.

(8) Runing test.

(9) Report the relevant supervision and inspection department for testing.

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