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Shaking head flying chair 24

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Product Description

24 seats:

Height: 6m; diameter: 8m

Operating speed: 8-10 laps/min; power: 13kw; voltage: 380V

36 seats:

Total operating height of the equipment: 12.5m; seat running height: 4m

Upper turntable: 13 rpm; lower turntable: 5 rpm

Maximum passenger: 36 people; power: 30kw

Voltage: 380V 50HZ; power grid capacity: 40kVA

48 seats:

Rotary diameter: 10.8 m; floor area: 22 m in diameter

Height: lifting; height: 2.7 meters; net height of equipment: 8.7 meters

Maximum running height: 11.4 meters; turning speed: 9.5 rpm

Occupant: 48 people; upper rotation angle: 16 degrees

Power: 50kw; voltage: 380V

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